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Published: 2021-08-31 21:55:11
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My report about the nature of religion will out line the following. Thereport was set to give info about sex ,age,nationallaty, occupation ,marital status then a simple ranking witch the person had to rank ,sport,money ,family, religion ext honestly and lastly they had to answer threequestions witch wanted to know how important religion was to them , if theycould live without religion and finally the last question related to death.
In the first five questions many people who I surveyed was aged from 16-18, 19-25 and 26-35. Most nationality’s that I surveyed were Turkishbecause I know so many Turkish people, their were only a few who weredifferent background. Most people who I surveyed were single or to young tobe married. In this surveyed which has been conducted I have found that many peoplevalue money because as we know o body could really survive without havingmoney or credit. The next most popular ranked was health, also health isvery important to most people because life would be hard not to be healthy.
People really care about their income and their careers because it providesthem with their wants and needs. Some people have said that life wouldbe hard if they had lost their religion, this may be because religionprovides hope and sincerity. The 8th question was difficult for somepeople to answer they just said “Yes because it does” or just didn’tanswer it. The question was how does religion help you in your life?In conclusion I believe that most people especially young adults don’tpractice their religion because they have other things witch is toimportant to give up for religion or they don’t make time forreligion. In my opinion religion is a guide to a healthy life, andthat people tend to become more religious when they get older.

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