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Published: 2021-09-11 20:00:09
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DARE TO DREAM     David Holmes competed for a chance to win Dream Job, a show where contestants compete each week against one another through a variety of challenges. On November 16, 2004, David Holmes won the contest and received a one-year contract with ESPN.
He always dreamed of becoming a SportsCenter anchor and he never gave up on his dream. David Holmes is working today for one of the fastest growing networks in television.      David Holmes had to take trivia tests and write essays for the audition of . After a callback for another audition, David Holmes was invited to try out in New York City. He later found out that he was selected as a Wendy’s Wild Card, which allowed him to be on the show. He became with several of the contestants on the show, and every Thursday night Holmes would practice writing, announcing, and conducting interviews for each week’s show.
     David Holmes is under contract with ESPN for one year. He will be hosting television shows and anchoring SportsCenter on ESPN and ESPN News. He has wanted to do this since he was six years old and agrees that this is his “Dream Job. ” David Holmes tells people that “Dreams can and will come true with . You have to go out and get it.
”HOW TO FIND A SUMMER OR PAR-TIME JOB     The first step to get a job is deciding on the kind of job you want. You need to look at the type of job, the location, the hours and the pay. The second step is to ask yourself “What do you have to offer an employer?” “What kind of skills do you have?” Then you develop a resume and talk to your family members and ask them if they have any contacts at your ideal job’s company. Next you have to read the newspaper or go on the internet.
After you see a job you are interested in, apply for the jobs. Make sure you are familiar with job applications and have all the information you need. The last step is interviewing for the jobs. Develop answers to interview questions, think of a few questions you could ask, and dress conservatively.
     There are many places where you could look for a job. Local stores often need help, as well as stores in the mall. You could go to hotels and resorts or to tourist attractions.

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