Causal Argument: Why Do People Change The Way They Look?s Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 16:15:10
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Causal Argument: Why Do People Change The Way They Look?
Oscar Wilde once wrote: “It is only shallow people who judge by appearance. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” (qtd in Davis 1). Obviously, humans have all been created differently. That is why we all do not look alike. But now, the idea of having the ideal shape and look is one of the issues everyone has to deal with.
Some want to get thinner, while a few do not care about it. Others even change the color of their skin. The desire to be like someone else is getting bigger and bigger for so many reasons that cannot be completely explained. This is due to the fact that people are different and think differently about their own image. But most of the time, they are filled with a desire that Delia, a senior in college expresses well enough in Am I Thin Enough Yet?:“ I always wanted to be the thinnest, the prettiest. ‘Cause I thought, if I look like this, then I am going to have so many boyfriends, and guys are going to be so in love with me, and I will be taken care of for the rest of my life” (qtd in Sharlene 7).
According to Richard Rodriguez, there are complexions because the persons, who care for us like a family, are usually the ones who explain us that we have something to be ashamed of (441). On the other side, Bell Hooks thinks that all these complexions take their origin in the historical supremacy of the white race toward the black in particular (446). These are only a few examples of the probable reasons why people decide to change their look. But I personally think that people change the way they look in order to be attractive and appreciated. They believe that this issue can help in their search for happiness.
People chan.
.and accept. There is a special inner beauty in each one: the strength to be content of who we are. Everything would be so simple if we just understand that we have been created differently. Thus, trying to look like someone else will be refusing to be who we really are. In this case, what will be our reason for being a member of the Human race?
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