Beowulf is a Hero Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 11:40:09
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BEOWULF IS A HEROBy definition, a hero is a man of exceptional quality. Exceptional quality does not begin to describe the hero that is Beowulf. Of the tale of the same name, Beowulf could be described better as a saint, or a savior. His self-imposed purpose in life is to help others, and eventually sacrifices his own life in doing so.
In the short time period in which we have joined Beowulf, more heroic acts are presented than any normal man can have accomplished in his entire being. Beowulfs motive for crossing the sea to visit Hrothgar was to repay a favor that was owed by his father, Scyld Scefing. Known to Beowulf was the chaos that which had been implemented by the demon, Grendel, on the kingdom. His plans were to rid the people of this nuisance. But this feat would not be as simple as first thought. Beowulf was able to overcome Grendel with minimal effort, but this was only the beginning of his quest.
Next, the demon’s mother had to be rid, and the battle was not as simple. Finally, Beowulf was to face the Dragon, who not only was the hardest battle, but also would be the end of Beowulf. The combined efforts brought peace to the kingdom once again. Destroying the presence of evil in the kingdom of Hrothgar is an exceptional feet, but what makes Beowulf stand out is his purpose.
He fought, neither for the glory nor riches, but for his father and the sake of the people. Beowulf sought no compensation for his services; the mere satisfaction of helping others was well enough. This quality alone is exceptional enough to make Beowulf a hero among heroes.

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