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Published: 2021-09-10 20:55:09
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Most people hear the word hero and think of the stereotypical individual with an incredible appearance, outlandish brawn, and a smile to die for. This is not always accurate; some of the most legendary heroes from Greek mythology take advantage of many other traits. Loyalty, craftiness, intelligence, and keen observational skills are needed to escalate a hero’s stature.
In “name of book” reflects both heroes with assumed features and elevated characteristics of a true hero. Oddyse demonstrates a multitude of different skills that many other heroes do not poses. For example, “My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy,” said Odysseus to Polyphimus (IX. 366-367). This shows that Odysseus is a quick and inventive thinker. Many would not have been able to concoct such clever answer in an instant.
As when Odysseus tells Telemachus “I must put all my mind to it, to see if we two by ourselves can take them on or if we should look round for help”(XVI. 280-283) These words exhibit Odysseus’ intelligence for observing perilous situations. Unlike Hercules who would have relied on brute strength and instinct to pommel the suitors. The abilities expressed by Odysseus are shown to be superior to the shallow barbaric traits of Hercules and other heroes in that he thinks before he acts. Physical strength is considered beautiful among the Greek culture.
Odysseus strength far surpasses any other mortal as exhibited by Penelope’s bow test, “so effortlessly Odysseus in one motion strung the bow”(XXI. 465-467. ) With the ease of him stringing the bow compared to the inability of the suitors makes Odysseus seem super human. Through out The Odyssey he displays this overpowering force at various times. “Odysseus’ arrow hit him under the chin and pushed up to the feathers through his throat”(XXII.
16-17. ) In the battle with the suitors his power and brutal tendencies show through just like the warrior emerging. During that same battle he also reverts to his competitive self and will not diminish until victorious. Even though Odysseus has a brilliant intellect, his physical attributes allow him to excel. Odysseus fulfills his character by having positive characteristics that stand him alone and above many other legends. His corporal and mental statures help him arise to true heroism.
The obstacles in his journeys tested many of the values he held dear. Odysseus embodies the ideals of Homeric Greeks aspired to, valor, loyalty, and intelligence. These make Odysseus such an alive character and no matter what century, so much like us.

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