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Published: 2021-09-11 15:30:09
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Many people were not aware of Arizona Canyon until 1869, when John Wesley Powell became the first to travel its full length by boat, In 1871 Powell made a second trip accompanied by the young artist Frederick Delegable. His third trip was in 1873, when he introduced the Grand Canyon to landscape artist Thomas Moran, who portrayed its grandeur to the public. Moran work was to compel president Theodore Roosevelt to declare the site a national monument. B. What social commentary do you think this painting is trying to convey? Explain, The commentary is about showing the beauty of an future American monument hat was not discovered as of yet.
The painting shows the different features of the Grand Canyon, this makes people want to go see it for themselves. 2. Painting title, artist, date: Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942 This painting was inspired by a restaurant on New Work’s Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet, the painting depicts an all-night diner in which three customers, all lost in their own thoughts, have congregated. Hopper’s understanding of the expressive possibilities of light playing on simplified shapes gives the painting its beauty. B. What social commentary do you think this painting is trying to convey? Explain.
The commentary was about the loneliness of a large city, according to the author, The four people (night owls) seem separate and remote from each other and the viewer. It denied by the painter that this was a symbol of human isolation and urban emptiness. 3. Painting title, artist, date: Christina’s World, Andrew Whet, 1948 a, What events influenced this painting? How? This is a picture of a bowman named Anna Christina Olson who has suffered from polio. Whet created this painting when he saw her crawling across a field while watching from a Window in the house. Whet had a summer home in the area and was on friendly terms with Olson.
Although Olson was the inspiration and subject Of the painting, she was not the primary model ? Whitey’s Wife Betsy posed as the torso of the painting. Olson was 55 at the time Whet created the work. The house is known as the Olson House in Cushing, Maine. B. What social commentary do you think this painting is trying to convey? Explain. Think the social commentary is showing a woman laying on the ground that may have fallen trying to get to this house. The artist could be showing that the woman may see something from afar that is about to happen to the house. 4. Painting title, artist, date: Queering, Pablo Picasso, 1937
This painting was created by Picasso in response to the bombing of Queering, a village in Spain by German and Italian warplanes at the behest of the Spanish Nationalist forces in 1937 Spanish civil war, The social commentary that this painting is conveying is that it is showing the tragedies of war and suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This painting gained monumental status, reminding of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol and promotes peace. The main focus Of this painting is to convey peace. 5. Painting title, artist, date: American Gothic, Grant Wood, 1930 a. What events influenced this painting?
How? Wood’s inspiration came from what is now known as the American Gothic House, and his decision to paint the house along with the kind of people he felt lived in this house. It is an image of a farmer standing beside his daughter, which was modeled by the artist’s sister and their dentistћ b. What social commentary do you think this painting is trying to convey? Explain. The woman is dressed in a colonial print apron evoking 19th-century Americana, and the couple are in the traditional roles of men and women, the man’s pitchfork symbolizing hard labor, and the flowers over the woman’s right shoulder suggesting domesticity.

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