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Published: 2021-09-11 14:35:10
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The Foundation realizes this mission through exceptional exhibitions, education programs, research initiatives, and publications, and strives to engage and educate an increasingly diverse international audience through its unique network of museums and cultural partnerships. ” (1) The mission reflects and defines the organization, it is very clear and it shows commitment to it. (2) The mission is specific about its work and audience when it answer the implicit questions: “to do what? ” and “for whom? 3) It Gang be perfectly directed at Guggenheim targeted audiences and donors who don’t have any idea what the organization is about. Below is an attempt to shorten the mission without losing its meaning: “Our mission is to understand and promote the manifestations of visual culture by collecting, conserving and studying modern and contemporary art, We realize this mission through exceptional exhibitions, educational programs, research initiatives and publications that help engage and educate an international audience through the networking of museums and cultural partnerships. 2: An ideal board member would be someone vivid: (I) vested interest on the organization; (2) that respects its bylaws; (3) that have a great dynamic With the staff; (4) that understands its mission and have made donations; (5) that encourages Other board members to do their jobs, etc A board member could be an art dealer or collector, or have an industry credibility (already used to donating to arts organizations); They should have great fundraising skills . ND at the same time be able to donate to the organization themselves, and be ‘honoring sees”: would cultivate them by: (I) always remembering that they are a part of a team and making room for their opinion; (2) by always making the meeting a “cause”; (3) by listening and not judging them; (4) by acknowledging the donors generosity (if he/she is a board member), etc.
The things they could do to support my organization: (1) attend the board meetings; (2) set up meetings With prospective customers; (3) encourage existing donors to continue their relationship with my organization; (4) give money/services to my organization; 5) respect the give/get policy,’ (6) focus on building growing constituency, etc. #3: The exhibition chosen is called “A Year With Children 2013”, an arts education program.
As an Artistic Director, I would share with the marketing staff the following information: (1) a budget limit to be spent by the marketing department,; (2) the target audience (students in grades two through six, teachers, public and private schools, etc); (3) the mission statement (which needs to be read in less than 2 sentences or be turned into a strong message by the racketing department); (4) let them know if additional marketing will need to happen to increase its promotion, etc, #4: using the method we explored in class: Value Proposition of the organization: For the international audience who seeks to engage in a unique and never forgetting cultural experience, Guggenheim provides a renowned art museum With an exceptional design and rare collections. Slogan: Art, Architecture and innovation.

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