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Published: 2021-09-12 10:10:07
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“Einstein Had Affair With Spy.” Irish Times 2 June 1998: 10.
This article tells what others only dared to tell. Letters written by Einstein reveal his secret relationship with a Russian Spy. Although there is not a lot of information in this article, one important speculation comes to mind, did Einstein aide Moscow in their production of the atomic bomb.
Infeld, Leopold. Albert Einstein: His Work and its Influence on our World. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1950.
This book by Infeld focuses on the relativity theory. It begins with the origin of the theory. It then goes on to explain Einstein’s effect on the theory.
The book ends with the current status of the unfinished theory of relativity.
Large, Jerry. “Time to Think About Where we Look for Moral Leaders.” Seattle Times 24 September 1998: E1.
This book too, explains Einstein’s unfavorable affairs. It also goes into explanations of unhappy marriage with his cousin.
Along with these two points, other damaging events of Einstein’s life are brought to the surface.
Matthews, Robert. “Strange but True: Lucky Einstein was no Genius at Multiplication Calculation.” The Daily Telegraph 28 June 1998: 19.
This article explains Einstein’s persistence in finding the correct conclusion to his experiments. When his work was finally substantiated, his theory could be vindicated.
When his work was proven wrong by another experiment, he found what was wrong with the latter.
McGrail, Anna. “Einstein’s Little Girl Brought Back to Life.” Sunday Star Times 17 May 1998: F8.
While studying in Zurich, Einstein fell in love with the only female student in his class. From this relationship came a family, which included a daughter who was basically erased from history the same year Einstein’s theory earned him international fame.
The article continues to speculate about what may have been of Einstein’s first, Lieserl.
Ramel, David. “My Role Model.” Computer World 24 August 1998: 56-57.
This article explains Einstein’s everlasting presence and the effect he has on the current growth of technology and the economy. Different people are quoted as saying that Albert Einstein is an inspiration to their work, and long passed his passing, he still gives them guidance.
Schwinger, Julian. Einstein’s Legacy: The Unity of Space and Time. New York: Scientific American Books, Inc., 1986.
Schwinger’s book focuses mainly on the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is mainly associated with one man, Albert Einstein.
From Isaac Newton’s groundwork to Einstein modernizing the theory, Einstein’s Legacy tells all of the theory of relativity.
Sugimoto, Kenji. Albert Einstein: A Photographic Biography. New York: Schocken Books, 1987.
As the title indicates, this book is full of pictures. The helpful thing, which accompanies each picture, is a separate article on what is going on at the certain time of Einstein’s life.
Also on each page is an ongoing biography on his entire life, bit mainly focuses on his adulthood.
White, Michael, and John Gribbin. Einstein: A Life in Science. New York: Penguin Books USA, Inc., 1994.
Einstein is a detailed biography, which goes into all aspects of Einstein’s life.
From childhood to his elderly years, his life is discussed physically, mentally, professionally, and spiritually. This book also includes a note sheet, explaining all the important points from each chapter.
Wise, William. Albert Einstein: Citizen of the World. Toronto: Ambassador Books, 1961.
This book is geared mainly toward the younger reader.
Although it is written at the lower reading level, it is helpful in giving a more experienced reader a basic understanding of Einstein’s entire life. .

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