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Published: 2021-09-12 15:55:10
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Types of abortionAbortion is a common practice that may be performed for several reasons, all sharing the same end result, the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. In cases such as rape, incest or a simple lack of responsibility when having sex, having an abortion is a choice that some women may encounter. There are different types of abortion in todays society.
Some which are too scary to even dream of. There are two types of abortions: Spontaneous abortions; miscarriages and Induced, this is the deliberate termination of the fetus. If the fetus weighs less than 18oz or is less than 20 weeks into the pregnancy, it is usually considered an abortion. These usually occur during the first three months of pregnancy.
It is estimated that 25% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (Epner 725). The very early stage of the pregnancy, up to 49 days after conception, the woman has two choices. The first is to take a combination of drugs. The embryo is then passed out. The other method is to use a syringe, and gently suck the embryo out. The next type can be preformed six to fourteen weeks after conception.
The method the doctors use is to insert a tube in the vagina, and then hook it up to a suction machine. The fetus is then removed. This procedure takes about ten minutes. The second trimester abortions are called D&E, which stands for dilation and evacuation. These are preformed up to the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, and usually take ten to twenty minutes. The way they are preformed is the woman is given absorbent dilators, which open up the cervix and absorb the fluids.
After this is left in overnight the woman then is ready for the evacuation stage. The fetus is easily removed with instruments and suction. In the last trimester of the pregnancy abortions are preformed mainly if the womans life is in danger or the fetus is severely deformed. Only one out of every ten thousand abortions are preformed this way. The main way that is used is by injecting a salt solution into the vagina, causing contractions.
The baby is then born stillbirth (Epner 724). The second form of abortion is induced abortion. There are four main types of induced abortions. The first takes place up to 12 weeks.
It is called vacuum aspiration. This is where a tube attached to a vacuum is inserted into the uterus and sucks out the embryo and all other material. The second type takes place after the 15th week and is called saline infusion. Here, the doctors replace a little fluid with a salt solution. This causes the uterus to contract.
The fetus is then expelled. The third type is a hysterectomy. This is a similar procedure to a cesarean section. The only difference is, in this operation, is that the cut is smaller and lower. The fourth type is available in the first fifty days.
It is a drug called RU-486 (www. rxlist. com) Many women have used legal abortions as a drastic form of contraception, due to carelessness or ignorance of better methods. This is such as self-abortion methods, which are even more dangerous; these included are lye, Lysol, iodine douches, as well as self-inserted catheters, knitting needles and goose quills. When women lose their right to choose abortion they may start performing them illegally.
This may do serious harm to the mother and her body (Brown 5). There are many abortions that are being done. Many of them are cruel and brutal. Mothers that undergo these methods always have side effects.
There are many ways that abortions can be prevented.

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