A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 06:00:08
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A Good Man Is Hard To Find EssayBy: Flannery OConnerThis story is told in third person. The tone is set to be one of irony. Thegrandmother, the protagonist, is developed as bossy, manipulative and grouchy. Grandmother is in conflict with herself about the mistake she made about the statewhich the plantation house is in. Also grandmother is in conflict with the misfit,trying to manipulate him so that he doesnt kill her also. The misfit compares withthe grandmother because they are the only two characters in this story who areoverbearing, bossy and on top of the situation.
Symbols in this story include: The graveyard with five or six graves. Grandmother remembered the description of the plantation house which had sixcolumns, right after they passed through Tombsboro. The yellow shirt with theparrots which Bailey wore indicated he was a mamas boy who says what hismother wants to hear. The tower in which the family ate lunch, Red Sammys, itlooked like a tomb. Another symbol was the car the misfit was driving, it lookedlike a black hurse.
Also the grave which the misfit dug with the tip of his shoe,while talking to the grandmother, then the misfit covered the hole as if, the misfitis going to kill her and then changing his mind. Finally, the ditch the car runs intosymbolizes a grave, the car can not get out and will stay there, in that hole in theground. I believe the theme of this story is its title, A Good Man is Hard to Find. Grandmother never found a good man, it was said that Christ was the only goodman. The author uses the setting deep south Georgia, the plot which is mystery,the characters everyone in the family is below grandmother until they meet themisfit who is her equal, and the above symbols to support this theme because noneof the men were good.

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