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Published: 2021-09-03 23:30:11
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3-23-99 Final draft #3 There once was a time I wanted to learn about pregnancy, because I was unexpectedly pregnant.
I was interested to learn about Ectopic pregnancy. I was lying in bed one afternoon and began having abdomen pains on the right side of my body. It took all I had to get out of bed to use the restroom. I notice that I had been bleeding. Thinking nothing about it I had thought maybe my monthly period was early.
I went back to bed. Shortly the pain traveled to my right side of my back. These pains I was having became unbearable to me. Starting to cry I had asked my boyfriend to take me to the emergency room. Much to my surprise the nurse took me right in a room and started to do blood test. Unexpectedly I was pregnant.
The doctor came in my room and told me that I was four weeks along in this pregnancy. The doctor had advised me that there was a complication in my pregnancy. As I began to cry she took my hand and told me I was having an Ectopic pregnancy. Being young and never had been pregnant before I wanted to learn about pregnancy and the complications. The causes of Ectopic pregnancy occur when the site of the egg is outside of the womb.
It can occur in several places, the ovary, abdomen, cervix, and the most common place being the fallopian tube. Many reasons are known to increase the risk of having an Ectopic pregnancy. Anything that alters the tubule functions may affect pregnancies. Fallopian tubes have tiny hairs called cilia. These hairs allow the egg to move toward the womb.
If the tube becomes blocked or damaged then a miscarriage is likely to happen. Not realizing what the doctor was telling me I felt confused and lost. With much support from the doctor and boyfriend I began to realize I wasnt able to carry the fetus. I could tell by the doctors reactions that this was serious. The doctor gave me a shot trying to allow the fetus to move into the womb. The waiting period of one and a half-hours to see if the shot had began to work was a traumatic experience.
The shot had made me tired so I fell asleep. I awoke to sharp pains in my back and the doctor at my side. She told me the fetus was not moving to the womb and I was having a miscarriage. I didnt understand what she was telling me, and why she didnt save the fetus. I was angry and hurt but interested to learn about pregnancy and the complications that had occurred. Asking family members about the complication I had with my recent pregnancy I came to realize no one knew about a fallopian tube pregnancy.
I was eager to learn what had happen so I began to investigate on the Internet. I searched the World Wide Web for information about this type of pregnancy and there were many hits. In the beginning of my search, trying keywords for instance pregnancy, miscarriages and medical. I came to a dead end.
The Internet did not allow me any useable information for these words. Typing in pregnancy I found the different types but nothing pertaining to Tubule pregnancies. Medically this type of pregnancy is called Ectopic pregnancy. I had always heard it being called Fallopian pregnancy.
This is why I was unable to find the information under the word pregnancy. Finally, finding the topic I was looking for I came to learn that it was not anything I had done or did not do this was common. The site did not give any reasons for this being a common mishap to women, just that it was becoming more common each year. Reading though the site on the Internet I learned the risk factors that apply. The risk range from age, previous terminations, to pelvic inflammatory diseases.
I had excluded age and previous termination of pregnancies. These didnt concern me but, previous pelvic inflammatory disease concerned me because, a few years ago I had a pelvic disease that may have damaged my fallopian tubes.After

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