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Published: 2021-09-01 14:05:10
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Did you know three cigarettes could get one addicted? Every time one takes a puff of a cigarettetheyre playing a dangerous game with life. I always wondered, Why are cigarettes so deadly, what is incigarettes, if people know theyre deadly then why do they still smoke them, and finally why does thegovernment allow people to buy these when they can kill you? Every time one smokes a cigarette its likeputting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger with out knowing if the gun is loaded or not. Ill dowhats within my ability to answer these questions in this essay. I browsed the internet (isnt it a wonderfultool?) and used other references and my knowledge to determine why cigarettes are addictive, unhealthy,and unappealing. If we could vote to make cigarettes illegal then Id vote yes.
If your vote is no then afteryou read this essay I hope you will vote yes and save millions of adult and CHILDREN lives. Cigarettes are very unappealing. Do you like the smell of an old used ashtray? I dont and most otherpeople dont either. Well how would you like for smoking area to smell like that and wouldnt be able todo anything about it.
You know how some smokers teeth are yellow. This is one result of the tar stainingtheir teeth. All white items in your smoking area could turn yellow as a result in the tar you exhale alongwith many other chemicals. Premature wrinkles are another result in smoking.
Cigarettes are very unhealthy. If you knew what is in cigarettes you would think twice about eventouching them. The basic substances are nicotine, tobacco, and TAR. Yes TAR that black smelly stuff thatyou have on your roof, in the streets, and if you smoke in your lungs. These are some other substancesused to make cigarettes: Uranium, water, Carbon Dioxide. These chemicals are also used to make nuclearbombs.
I guess smokers enjoy smoking nuclear bombs. Some side effects of smoking are many forms ofcancer, thickening of the blood, making the arteries thinner and smaller, cancer of the vocal cords Youllhave to talk out of a microphone in youre neck, and could cause constant Bronchitis. Addiction is probably the worst part. Before I explain what addiction is like Im going to tell youabout the process of addiction.
1. You light the cigarette. 2. You smoke two or three. 3. That dizziness isthe nicotine traveling throughout your body.
4. The nicotine takes effect and you want another and anotherand so on. 5. Youre addicted. Now for what its like. Every time you get angry or sad you want acigarette.
If youve had a stressful day you may want one after a days work to calm your nerves. If youhave no way of getting them youll steal them or get other people to steal them for you. You may also getothers to buy cigarettes for you, or buy them from other people and get ripped off. For those of you who voted no earlier and changed to yes, good for you. For those of you whovoted no and kept your vote remember smoking is unhealthy, unappealing, and very addictive.
I hope Ianswered many of your questions. Thank you for taking time to read my essay. I hope you will agree withme that cigarettes should be illegal.

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